Stratos Card & Stratos AppStratos Card Positioned to Be A Favorite Method of Payment

New research shows 67% of Americans plan to use next generation payment technologies – from paying with an Apple Watch to paying with an all-in-one card like Stratos Card that combines all your credit, debit, gift and membership cards in one.

But the big question is: what kind of person would use this technology? 

The survey of 1,000 Americans believe that “Geeks, Gamers and Trekkies” were the number one group most likely to use an Apple Watch to pay, followed by celebrities (37.9 percent) and early adopters (36.5 percent).  This is timely since the Apple Watch starts shipping April 24th.

“Business professionals” meanwhile was the top group that Americans think most likely to use an all-in-one digital card like the Stratos Card to pay (55.8%) followed by early adopters (40.2%) and geeks/gamers (36.9%).

This comes from Stratos, providers of the Stratos Card – the industry’s first payment card that consolidates an unlimited number of credit, debit, loyalty, membership and gift cards onto one dynamic, connected Stratos card.

To raise awareness for their shipping of the first commercially available all-in-one card, Stratos Card teamed up with Ask Your Target Market to survey 1,000 Americans and discovered the following:

67% of Americans plan to use next generation payment products:

  • 59% interested in some combination with Apple Pay
  • 49% interested in some combination with Stratos Card
  • 12% interested in paying using ApplePay with AppleWatch

Nearly 60% of Americans preferred paying using a Stratos Card all-in-one card than Apple Watch in many situations including when purchasing for every day items and splitting the bill with friends.

An overwhelming 70 percent of Americans said an all-in-one digital card like Stratos Card was better to pay with than a smart watch they prefer paying using an “all in one” card like Stratos Card top four reasons were:

  1. It consolidates my cards, so I can pay using any credit, debit, gift or loyalty card I own
  2. It’s easier to use
  3. It works without my phone
  4. It will work & be accepted in more places than paying by watch with Apple Pay

The overwhelming reason why US consumers would not want to pay with an Apple Watch was because “It doesn’t work everywhere (all stores/ATMs/restaurants/gas)”.

When asked to describe a person who would pay with Apple Watch, Americans named “Pretentious” as the first adjective that came to mind, followed by “Geeky” and “Trendsetter.”

People who paid with an all-in-one connected card were described first as “smart,” “confident” and “trendsetter.”

When asked how an all-in-one card like Stratos Card would change spending habits, nearly one in three (29.8 percent) said they would track their spending activity more often, and 26.1 percent said they would redeem gift cards more often.  16.4 percent said they would spend more..

Stratos Card commissioned this research as it geared up to be the first to ship an all- in-one connected card in April. It combines credit, debit, loyalty, membership and gift cards into a smart, secure mobile-connected card. Stratos works everywhere your traditional cards work including stores, ATM’s, parking meters, and gas stations.

This survey was conducted online within the United States by research firm AYTM – Ask Your Target Market among 1,000 American consumers ages 22 – 55 between April 9 – 10 amongst a panel of over 20 million people. AYTM has been used by companies like Adobe, NutriSystem, NBC, Intuit, and Samsung. The research from AYTM has been covered in media outlets such as the BBC, The Huffington Post, Mashable, AdWeek, TIME, USA Today, eMarketer, CNN Radio, and TechCrunch.

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