It is a rare educator who earns kudos from students, faculty and the state board. But anyone who knows Lake Washington Institute of Technology Science Instructor Jo Nelson will tell you that she’s exceptional in every way.

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges recently awarded Jo Nelson the Anna Sue McNeill Assessment, Teaching, and Learning Award, an award to recognize an individual’s contribution to going above and beyond to coach and mentor to grow better students and educators.

Jo Nelson teaches Anatomy and Physiology at LWTech. Her students applaud her enthusiasm and expertise, but also note her flexibility. “She was flexible, coming into the lab on a weekend after we had the power outage so the students could have the opportunity to do the dissection.”

In the nomination, Jo was described as “hands-down the most practiced assessment, teaching and learning instructor at LWTech”.

Her colleagues turn to her to help them grow as educators as they graduate from her Assessment as Learning course. Described as “progressive and aggressive about learning what works and what doesn’t”, she tweaks, changes and advances her skills every term. She implements group work, peer feedback, and self-reflection with carefully coordinated rubrics and clear expectations.

“Jo is an outstanding faculty member,” said Dr. Amy Morrison Going’s, LWTech president. “We see her in action every day. We are thrilled that she’s being recognized for her good work.”

Jo has been a member of the Allied Health program at LWTech for 27 years.  She received her award in person May 1 in Vancouver, WA.

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