The Adventure Pillow on KickstarterFresh Air Products celebrates “The Adventure Pillow”

Hi-Tech comfort and cleanliness for the camping pillow attracts travelers and campers.

Fresh Air Products, the maker of “The World’s Most Washable Pillows”, recently reached 70% of its crowd funding goal with two weeks to go (see update below) with the “Adventure Pillow”. Scott Rochlin, owner and inventor of Fresh Air Products says, “People are attracted to the array of unique features in these very portable camping pillows. From the cool digital camouflage cases to the comfort and incredible washable system it has, our great price points and USA made virtually sell themselves.

We created the “Adventure Pillow” in three sizes for travel. The full size 23” x 17.5” feels like you never left home and both the Summit (20” x 14.5”) and Alpine Superlight (17” x 13”) are incredibly compact while delivering great comfort and support. All come in waterproof compact cases and have a special water resistant, breathable fabric that is soft and cool to sleep on. These pillows stay dry and most importantly, are cool, clean and comfortable.”

Scott  says, “When we launched the Alpine Superlight, we did not expect this to take off like it did. I am elated and this is truly an adventurers dream to carry an 8 oz. package that has this much comfort, support and other benefits. Further, it is a retailers dream to have a hot selling product with high margins, great shelf life and packaging the size of a grapefruit! Just don’t eat it for breakfast.

About Fresh Air Products LLCFresh Air Products LLC is based in Bellevue WA and was founded in 2008 to develop and market its patented 100% open cell pillows. The successful launch of our first crowd funded “Fresh Air Pillow”, opened the door for the new line of “The World’s Most Washable Pillows”.  Our “Made in the USA” product lines are now specializing in the Travel and Camping industry with the Adventure Pillows.

Fresh Air Products LLC
Bellevue, WA 98004

UPDATE:  With 12 days to go, the Adventure Pillow has 213 backers, $9681 of their goal of $12,000.  You can support the Adventure Pillow on Kickstarter right now for as little as $1.  Every bit helps!  Thank you for supporting local Bellevue businesses.

pledged of $12,000 goal

days to go

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