Maximpact Maximpact, a philanthropic, impact-investing network, invites new registrants in the impact and sustainability sectors to list projects using its global reaching, deal-listing portal. Each free (and commission free) listing directly connects users with partners and potential funders worldwide. Its definition of “impact” has broad appeal embracing CSR as well enabling philanthropists, investment funders, impact pioneers, and ecological and green technology businesses to meet and collaborate. To date, the latest registration numbers show well over 1500 business opportunities, more than 350 financial institutions and 500 live projects. In addition, exciting new services designed to ease project management will be released in the fall of 2014, making Maximpact Deals even easier to utilize.

 “Our platform is designed to encourage collaboration among users and we welcome opportunities to work with other parts of the sector ourselves,” said Tom Holland, Founder and CEO of Maximpact. “We are looking forward to playing an active role in finding the solution we’re all looking for in this developing sector.”

Impact investment, while hugely beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants, is still in the developing stages. Maximpact Deals is designed to address the sector’s shortfalls and propel its growth by improving the transparency, effectiveness, and quality of the impact deals from start to finish. It helps bring entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and investors all together in a way that gives everyone an opportunity to promote projects and network with others in order to share resources

Registration is simple. Once vetted and approved to one of the three access groups (entrepreneurs, intermediaries and funds), registrants will receive notification and be allowed to log onto the secure platform. Users can start listing projects and begin searching for deals immediately. Entrepreneurs and nonprofits can present their projects and connect with intermediaries and funders looking to invest in the impact and sustainability sector. They can also, for example, connect with and take advantage of networking opportunities to improve projects in the areas of public relations, team development, and expert consulting. Funders can research and find projects in a specific sector focus and never miss out on an attractive deal by setting deal parameters that, when met, immediately get sent to them via email.

In the fall of 2014, new services will make project management even easier.  A complete set of tools for starting, managing, organizing and developing new impact and sustainability projects will be released. The services will include: Media, Finance and Consulting, and Marketing and PR. They will be designed to complement the existing platform, providing users with advanced media and financial tools that will help clients launch projects, organize virtual teams, attract financial backing, and connect with others who share the same vision. Holland adds, “Only by making deal flow more efficient–and ensuring diversity as well as quality across the impact sector–will we be able to attract the volume and variety of capital that will really make a difference.”


Launched in 2012 and headed by founder Tom Holland, Maximpact is becoming a leading facilitator in the impact and sustainability sector by fostering productive partnerships and collaboration within the impact investing arena. It continues to improve its platform as it gains new loyal members and supporters. For more information and/or to register please visit, email media@maximpact, or call 415-859-8979.

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