auto mechanic at car suspension repair workThe thought of a 9 to 5 job ignites passion in few souls. If you hold such a job, you more than likely work to make it through the day so you can go home and enjoy the hobbies you love. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend about 5 hours of every day on average on leisure activities, and close to 7 hours per day on the weekend. These activities are generally those that help increase our sense of well-being. Imagine if you could spend your entire day doing what you love. You can easily turn your passion into a successful business venture, rule your own domain and have fun while doing it! Take your hobby to the next level and create a thriving and jiving career with these tips.

Hone Your Interests

Before you can jump on track for a career you truly enjoy, determine what really moves you. Do you like working with your hands or having time to think? Are you more interested in intellectual debate? Figuring out what you are passionate about can help you choose a path that won’t leave you feeling bored. For example, you might be someone that has always loved hands-on projects. As a kid you may have spent hours in your bedroom building model rockets and cars. However, beyond this passion, you haven’t sought anything more, sending this interest to the back burner while you burn the midnight oil at your job. Now, as an adult you love to work on your car and rarely see the mechanic because you have always had an eye for fixing little problems that might happen. But, since you did not go to school for this and are not certified as a mechanic, your skills and expertise are just sitting and waiting to be refined and harnessed in your own business. This is where education comes in.

Education and Credentials

Your first step in the right direction will be to get a quick certificate qualifying you for the work you already know you’re a whiz at. This can be done in a number of ways, one of which is entirely online with a school like Penn Foster. This school offers certificate auto mechanic technician programs, as well as other courses that can get you rolling toward a career you will love. Look to what you enjoy during the day and figure out how you can go to school at night.

Gain Experience and Take Off

After you have gained the credentials you need to secure a position in the field of your choice, take time to move up the ranks. Experience through all aspects of your field will make you a better leader when it comes time for your upward move. explains that self-awareness along with social consciousness is critical in becoming a great leader. To this end, if you have worked in the positions you will manage, you will make better decisions than someone new to the organization because you are more acutely aware of what is needed for everyone to succeed.

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