Nerd WalletNerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website, recently recognized Women’s Business Exchange for its commitment to helping businesswomen in a study that found Seattle as one of the best cities for female entrepreneurs.

Since 1997, the number of women-owned businesses has grown by nearly 60 percent. To help aspiring businesswomen, NerdWallet looked at the cities where female entrepreneurship is thriving. NerdWallet based its rankings on the following criteria:

  • Businesses per 100 residents
  • Percentage of businesses that are women-owned
  • Median earnings for female full-time workers
  • Percentage of residents ages 25 and older with at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Unemployment rate

NerdWallet ranked Seattle as the third best city in the country for female entrepreneurs. The city has 12.5 businesses for every 100 residents, and women own more than 30 percent of them. The median salary for full-time female workers in the Emerald City is $51,158.

Female entrepreneurs in Seattle are supported by organizations such as Women’s Business Exchange. Now in its 35th year, Women’s Business Exchange offers a variety of events and opportunities to help businesswomen achieve their potential through education and mentorship. Its mission is to help transform the future of women in business.

“Women’s Business Exchange offers a steady stream of classes, events, and networking opportunities to help businesswomen in Seattle,” said NerdWallet analyst Sreekar Jashti. “The organization helps its members grow professionally and personally, while helping improve the Seattle business community in general.”


Read the full study online. For more information about NerdWallet, visit

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