winter-warmth-campaign-flyerLocal Bellevue house cleaning company, Simply Clean, is seeking clothing donations for the last two weeks of their Winter Warmth campaign.

For the past two months, Simply Clean has solicited suitable clothing donations from their clients to donate to local homeless organizations. Since the launch of the campaign in early December, Simply Clean has donated nearly 30 bags of clean clothing to several charities and organizations throughout the King County area.

The goal is to provide much-needed warm clothing articles to those in need. The vast majority of people reading this will likely have quite a few miscellaneous clothing items that they can do without. It’s rare that such a simple act of charity can have such a strong impact on the less fortunate.

Items which are in serious need are warm hats (beanies), coats, scarves, sweatshirts, boots, gloves, etc. Clothing may be in any size or gender, and children’s clothing is also in demand. In addition to standard clothing, items such as blankets, tents, sleeping bags, and pillows are more than welcome.

All donations should be in good condition, either new or lightly used, without major damage like rips or stains. Donations should be pre-washed and delivered in sturdy Hefty bags to Simply Clean’s office in Bellevue. All donations will be inspected for quality and cleanliness before being distributed to local charities, missions and homeless shelters.

There is always an ongoing need for attire to battle King County’s colder climate– there isn’t enough to go around, so the more items our community can contribute, the better. In addition to clothing donations, volunteer work is also greatly valued by helpful Bellevue organizations such as Congregations for the Homeless and The Sophia Way.

To get in contact with Simply Clean and schedule a clothing drop-off, simply send an email to

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