YogurtLandYogurtland, the self-serve frozen yogurt pioneer with more than 260 locations worldwide, has launched an aggressive expansion plan for the greater Seattle market for 2014 with plans to add 2 units in the area.

Since the opening of the first Yogurtland store in Fullerton, Calif. in 2006, the company has expanded 6 stores in the Seattle area. This year, the frozen yogurt chain plans to open 2 additional units throughout the state. One location is already in production in Lynnwood predicted to open in March.

“Our growth is driven by a combination of a great product made with passion and high quality ingredients, exemplary customer experience and a solid business model with a long-term commitment to the market, our fans and our franchisees,” said Larry Sidoti, Yogurtland’s vice president of development. “We’ve grown a strong presence and loyal following in the greater Seattle market and want to continue meeting demand for our product by opening new stores in underserved communities.”

Yogurtland has transformed the yogurt industry by reshaping a popular trend into an empowering new definition of a treat experience – delivering ultimate customer control. Stores feature 16 flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt from a rotating menu of more than 50 selections, which includes both traditional favorites and other more exotic flavors. The frozen yogurt flavors are made with real ingredients and created by in-house flavorologists, making them completely unique to Yogurtland. Customers can also choose from more than 35 topping selections that include fresh fruits, nuts, cereals, candy and much more.

The self-serve movement is an undeniable trend in today’s culture. For the consumer, it can mean freedom, control and faster service, but it also benefits the retailer, translating into reduced labor costs and greater profit.

Typically located in regional neighborhood and lifestyle centers, strip malls and entertainment venues with some locations in heavily trafficked malls, Yogurtland has also found success in a variety of non-traditional sites such as college campuses, military bases, and airports.

As one of the nation’s first and largest self-serve frozen yogurt brands, Yogurtland has grown more than 160 percent over the past three years. The company opened an impressive 76 stores in 2013 and plans to have more than 370 locations by the end of 2014. In addition to its ongoing, strategic expansion throughout San Francisco, Yogurtland will focus its growth in international markets such as the Middle East, Australia and Venezuela as well as existing domestic markets such as Los Angeles, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, and the Tri-State Area surrounding New York City.

About Yogurtland

Founded in 2006, Yogurtland is pioneering the customer-created frozen yogurt experience by combining irresistible yogurt flavors with an exciting franchise business model. Separating Yogurtland from competitors is the company’s team of flavorologists who develop the proprietary recipes for the brand’s more than 50 different and customized flavors. Whether traditional or exotic, each flavor uses real ingredients sourced from their original locations. By controlling the entire frozen yogurt making process, Yogurtland has raised the standards for flavors and quality to new heights and much to the delight of millions of fans. The company currently has 263 locations across the U.S., Australia, Guam, Mexico, and Venezuela with more than 75 additional locations planned to open by the end of 2014. For franchising information, visit www.yogurt-land.com/franchise.

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