Peyton Manning to Choke in the SuperbowlA Seattle law firm wants to show Nathaniel Wentz the true spirit of sportsmanship.  Wentz was fired last week because he wore a Broncos jersey to work in Tacoma, Washington.  Now a law firm that represents terminated workers is collecting job offers and supportive messages for the out-of-work teen, and is sending Wentz a newPeyton Manning jersey and Broncos cap.

Fans from any team around the NFL can leave job offers and supportive messages for Wentz at  HKM Employment Attorneys LLP will send the messages and the Broncos gear to Wentz in time for the Big Game.

“We probably can’t help him get his job back, but we can show him the true spirit of sportsmanship and maybe even help him find a better job,” said Dan Kalish, an HKM attorney and fervent Seahawks fan.

Firing an employee for supporting a rival football team most likely is not illegal under Washington’s “at will” employment laws.  Kalish stated, “Firing someone for unfair reasons does not make it illegal, but our entire firm thought the termination was undeniably unsportsmanlike and we wanted to do something about it.”  He added, “Hopefully, Mr. Wentz quickly finds a new job where his talents and enthusiasm are appreciated, and hopefully he and his team don’t have cause to celebrate on Sunday.  Go Hawks!”

HKM Employment Attorneys LLP represents employees regarding their workplace rights.  Job offers and supportive messages for Nathaniel Wentz can be left at

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