Get Present by Sara Harvey YaoSara Harvey Yao, a renowned leadership consultant, has announced the release of her first book.  Titled Get Present, the quick read lays out simple strategies for business executives to become more effective by simply bringing their full attention to the present moment.

“Throughout my work with thousands of business leaders over the years, one common core skill was almost always lacking. They were constantly thinking about what was coming up or what happened in the past; very rarely were they able to maintain their full attention on the present moment. They consistently missed important and often subtle information as a result. This book is about creating a deeper level of self-awareness and training your attention so you can notice what is emerging in the present moment,” said Yao.

A new trend in leadership development is evolving in the corporate world. Leaders are being challenged to stop multi-tasking and bring their full attention to the moment.  This new mindful frontier focuses on helping the leader turn inward to develop self-awareness around their reactions. It results in the ability to respond to a variety of external pressures while remaining grounded, centered, resilient and innovative. Major corporations like Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Aetna and General Mills have not only taken notice but are making significant investments in helping their leaders and employees be more mindful. The idea has taken off in Silicon Valley and now Yao is one of the few pioneers bringing it to the Pacific Northwest.

Get Present is a powerful combination of brain science and eastern philosophies. Yao explains how the Amygdala, the part of the brain that is constantly scanning for danger and controls our fight-or-flight responses, can unconsciously hijack a leader’s impact.Get Present helps leaders recognize that behaviors such as defensiveness, yelling, self-doubt or procrastination are survival responses which can be transformed into more productive actions by practicing presence.

“Sara Harvey Yao offers compelling evidence and practical tips to help leaders discover the peace, creativity and inspiration that is found in presence. Take Sara up on her invitation to practice presence and you will find yourself more effective and happy,” said Chris M. Murchison, Vice President for Staff Development and Culture, HopeLab.

Get Present offers simple strategies such as blocking time on your calendar that doesn’t have a pre-set agenda or paying attention to what and how you are eating or taking three conscious breaths between meetings.

“With strong personal ambition and multiple important roles – manager, mother, spouse – I thought stress and exhaustion were just something I had to endure. Sara’s insights blow apart that mental model. Her book reminds us that presence, joy and happiness are our natural states. But its true value is not this uplifting truth. Rather it’s the simple, practical tools she offers to regain these states,” said Yvonne Muench, Director, Microsoft Corporation.

Get Present is available for purchase online at and  Yao is currently working on her second book titled Get Out of Your Head which is due out early next year. It will be a more in-depth look at how the practice of presence can transform leadership.

About Sara Harvey Yao

Sara Harvey Yao is a leadership consultant, author and inspirational speaker who specializes in helping leaders strengthen their executive presence and improve their impact. She is the founder of Yao Consulting and has developed and trained more than 3,500 leaders in six countries including senior executives from Microsoft, T-Mobile and Outerwall (formerly Coinstar/Redbox).  Prior to Yao Consulting, Sara co-founded an international training and coaching company focusing on helping female leaders create sustainable success.  Learn more at

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