SUSURRATIONCameron Anne Mason (artist) and Anne Blackburn (photo).
SUSURRATIONCameron Anne Mason (artist) and Anne Blackburn (photo).

As the waves murmur along the shore, the gentle currents whisper as they push and recede…this susurration provides a soundtrack for our coastal lives.

Seen from the street, this dynamic installation is a rippling seabed of silk where patterns cross and eddy, mesmerizing in their repetition, reminding the viewer that we are surrounded by the power of the tide. Inside the building the view is different. Here, behind the curtain, we see a simple structure made up of ladders, a chair, and the fans that provide the illusion. Man and nature, nature and man and time, these are the intersections I address in my sculptural and installation work.

December 20, 2013 – March 19. 2014

989 112th Avenue NE, Suite 102


Property courtesy of Ashwood Commons

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