Best Prices on Blendtec Total BlenderEven though I’m no longer demonstrating the Blendtech Total Blender at Costcos on the West Coast, including California, Oregon and Washington, I have decided to become an online affiliate for Blendtec.

I was contacted today to represent BlendTec Blenders on all of my websites and to continue to help promote health and fitness. I gladly accepted as I’ve known for a long time that BlendTec makes the best blenders in the world.

Many people know that I call my BlendTech Total Blenders my personal health machines and use them daily to make green juices out of things like organic spinach, organic kale and organic cucumbers. Almost every week, I also make a fresh batch of fresh, healthy and tasty almond butter out of raw almonds. It is so good! I eat it on whole wheat english muffins and Stacia likes to eat it on pieces of fresh celery. We also make soups and other dishes in our Blendtecs – lately Stacia has been a little more adventuresome and created some very healthy and tasty meals. 

Well many times you can find a great deal on a BlendTech at Costco, but other times you can find them there. If you buy through my affiliate link you will get free shipping, access to models that are never carried at Costco and …. my undying gratitude. You can also purchase a reconditioned model for prices cheaper than ever offered at Costco. Check out the deal here: Blendtec Total Blender Reconditioned – and remember, as my customer, you get FREE shipping on your purchase!

BTW – did you know that Blendtec  makes the blenders used in the famous Will It Blend series on YouTube?  If you have haven’t seen them yet, you should check them out.  Here’s a video where Founder Tom Dickson tests his blender against the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c.


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