Bellevue King County Library Vending Machine bunch of crapIt’s no secret that the downtown Bellevue Branch of the King County Library is among the most used public buildings in the Pacific Northwest.  The just added a multi-million dollar parking garage and some great art installations.

Bellevue King County Library Soda Vending Machine Poisoning PatronsOne thing that the downtown Bellevue King County Library could look at is the kind of ‘foods’ and refreshments that are offered in their vending machines.  On a recent visit, I could not find even ONE healthy option – or anything that I would want to put in my body – or allow my daughter to put in hers.

Bellevue King County Library Coffee Vending MachineWhile we are the library, perhaps we should do some research – make sure we know what the types of ‘food’ and ‘drink’ offered at library do to our bodies and how they really make us feel.  Then we should research reasonable, healthy and SMART alternatives.  People really want to make the right choices, it is time for public institutions (especially libraries) to make it easier.

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