StrikinglyStrikingly, an online website builder that allows anyone to create mobile-optimized websites in minutes,  has launched a new feature that allows users to build a personal profile website with a single click, utilizing their Facebook profile. You can try it out by visiting:

This free tool grabs data from the user’s Facebook account to create a single page website with slides for the name and profile picture, experience, hometown, and contact.  Once the website is built, the user can customize content and background photos or add slides even more in less than a few seconds.

“Everyone wants and needs a website: to promote their personal brand for their career, dating, or just for fun,” said David Chen, CEO of Strikingly. “But creating a website takes a great deal of time, and you need complicated technical knowledge and many days to build something beautiful, with just the right photos, text and relevant info.”

The one-click website has found a solution to this problem.  Strikingly’s new feature is designed to be an easy way for users to present themselves to new friends and family, love interests, or employers in a clean, aesthetically striking layout – in just a few minutes.

Additionally, all websites are automatically optimized for a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

“I believe that it’s time to democratize beautiful, advanced-looking websites,” said Chen. “Every person and business has the right to a gorgeous mobile identity, presented through a simple profile page. The one-click website is a big step in making this a reality.”

Anyone can now create a free one-click website using their Facebook profile by visiting

Strikingly ( is a Y-Combinator-backed company that allows you to build mobile optimized website in minutes, without code or design. It has a unique “mobile first, web second” design approach that ensures your website looks great on your phone, tablet, and computer. You also have full control of the content and can easily update yourself.

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