University Book StoreThis September, University Book Store friend and notable northwest author Sherman Alexie put out the call. He asked literary folks like himself—the writerly and the book nerdy—to become, “superhero[es] for independent bookstores,” by going out to their community bookshops and acting as booksellers for the day. That day is Small Business Saturday, November 30, 2013, and the event is “Indies First!”

And that’s why on that day from noon to 1 pm, Mr. Alexie will be at University Book Store on the Ave helping our customers find the next book they’ll really love. And he won’t be alone. Also at our U District store, from 10 am to 5 pm, we’ll have visits from host Nancy Pearl, Mary Jane Beaufrand, Patrick Flores-Scott, Carly Anne West, Ryan Boudinot, Peter Mountford, Kyle Bolton, Jennie Shortridge, Kim Baker, Cat Patrick, Jaime Garbacik, members of the APRIL Festival, and Kristin Halbrook.

Our University Book Store Bellevue customers will also have a chance to get recommendations from Samantha Vamos, Kevan Atteberry, Lisa Owens, Waverly Curtis, or Janet Lee Carey. They’ll be stopping by from noon to 6 pm to lend us their passion for and expertise in books.

University Book Store Renton is getting in on the fun too. From noon to 1 pm, Mike Lawson will be there to make suggestions to our customers.

Why are they doing this? Because they understand that a book is a special kind of purchase. A book can make an impact on a person that resonates through the rest of their lives. A really good book finds a space in a reader’s mind, and it stays there. That’s surely what happened to the authors and book folks joining us at Indies First! A book made an impact on them, and books became central to their lives.

At an independent bookstore like University Book Store, we pride ourselves on helping people find books like that every day. And we’re thrilled that Mr. Alexie and friends are choosing to recognize that by joining us in our work for a day.

About University Book Store

Founded in 1900, University Book Store is the largest and most respected independent bookstore in Washington State, and is also the nation’s largest college store based on total sales of books and student supplies. University Book Store carries an impressive selection of more than 140,000 new and used book titles, along with a varied merchandise mix that includes school, art and office supplies, University of Washington (UW) insignia gear, gifts and technology products. Since 1964, University Book Store has been organized as a for-profit corporate trust to benefit UW students, faculty, staff and alumni. All profits not required for store operations or growth are returned to the UW community through an annual UW Customer Rebate, lower textbook prices, discounts, scholarships and other benefits. Nine stores currently operate throughout the Puget Sound area. For more information, visit

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