Boycott American ExpressI’ve been hearing a lot of commercials for American Express’s ‘Small Business Saturday’ and each time I do it makes me sick.  Do they really think that people are stupid enough to think that one day a year, let alone a weekend day when many small businesses are closed, is enough to help small businesses survive and thrive?  Are we?

Amex is all about BIG business (and screwing consumers and small businesses) the other 364 days of the year and it is making a farce out of attempting to ‘help’ small businesses.  In so many ways, small businesses drive our economies and are the majority of employers and they deserve to be recognized and supported each and every day – not just one Saturday a year.

Think twice before supporting American Express – do your research and then decide.  Check out the Boycott American Express Facebook Page, and just Google (or Bing if you have to) American Express Consumer Complaints.  I won’t even go into or relive the hell that they caused my businesses just before the economy crashed a few years ago …

My vote is to BOYCOTT Amex – and their Small Business Saturday – and support small and local businesses every day of the year!!!

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