It is getting close to that time again, the “Holidays”.

I have been on my own fitness journey here for the last few years and have made some great changes but one of the biggest change is find a coach. I believe that if you want anything in life the best thing to do is to consult someone who already has it. Someone who has already perfected the craft.

I knew when I got serious enough, and ready to make the change the teacher would appear.

Debbie Smith-Potts Fitness Forward Studio

Meet Debbie Smith-Potts owner of Fitness Forward Studio located in downtown Bellevue.

Bellevue Plaza Building
118 105th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004

I have been working with Debbie now for about a month and half and I love it. I can see the results already. Debbie has been in the fitness industry for 20+ years and started doing Iron Man distant tri-athlon’s in 2001 and has been doing many Marathon’s and long distant cycling events. So with a track record like that I was very interested in having her train me. Again if you want to attain any goal in life seek coaching from someone that has the track record and walks their talk.

Fitness Forward Studio Tri-Athalon

Recently she was interviewed on on Metabolic Efficiency. She quickly realized that the way we were told what to eat for an active lifestyle didn’t work for her.

Make sure to listen in to that interview here.

She also has her own podcast called Fit Fat Fast Podcast when she shared with me her philosophy of not only exercise but how important our diet is in our lifestyle.

So what does our group training look like?
Watch this quick video…

I am super excited because I talked to Debbie and I got her to give all of the readers of Bellevue Business Journal 1 Free Group Training Session and if you love it like me you can sign up for…
“5 group training sessions in 30 days for only $97”.
or 3- 30 minute personal training for $97 to be used in 30 days.

She also has an awesome 21 Day Challenge that I am participating in and if you want to join us give her a call and Let’s do this!!

Just give her a call at 425-466-3653
or go to their website

Make sure you all Follow them on Facebook

If you plan to join me at 5:30am let me know, would love to see ya!

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