Orlison Brewing Company Brew No EvilOrlison Brewing Co., a lager-specializing craft brewery serving the Inland Northwest, is now canning select beers for distribution throughout Washington State and Idaho.

Orlison Brewing Co. is working with Northwest Canning, a Portland-based mobile beer canning operation, to can Havanüther, Clem’s Gold and Lizzy’s Red, three of its most popular beers. Orlison Brewing Co. is the first craft brewery in the Inland Northwest to use larger 16 oz. cans.

“Everyone at Orlison Brewing Co. is looking forward to canning and distributing our beers throughout the Pacific Northwest,” says Jason Miller, owner and partner at Orlison Brewing Co. “We’re the first craft brewery in Spokane and one of the first breweries in the entire Inland Northwest to can our beer. We’re starting out with our most popular beers and, sometime soon, we’ll start canning our other beers for distribution.”

Havanüther, Clem’s Gold and Lizzy’s Red will be available in cans at select locations in Washington State and Idaho. For more information on Orlison Brewing Co. and where to find its beers, visit orlisonbrewing.com.

For more information on Northwest Canning, visit northwestcanning.com.

About Orlison Brewing Co.

Orlison Brewing Co. stands poised to become a driving force in the craft brewing industry. Brewmaster Bernie Düenwald only brews with the cleanest, purest ingredients and the best brewing methods to produce craft lagers with full-flavored bodies and crisp finishes that stand out as refreshing alternatives to the everyday beer. Visit orlisonbrewing.com for more information.

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