iPhone Trade In Offer on Facebook by Microsoft StoreI’d really like to see Microsoft succeed, but it seems they are continually shooting themselves in the head and committing marketing suicide.

In the latest disaster, the Mighty, albeit desperate, Minuscule-thinking Soft has started paying Facebook to promote it’s offer to pay “at least $200” in credit towards purchasing an eligible Windows phone.  They are even calling it a “trade up”.  

It’s ridiculous to think that anyone would want to trade in a superior phone, for less than it is worth for an inferior phone that only gives people headaches and frustration.  Even though I ‘Like’ Microsoft Store on Facebook – I don’t want to see these types of posts – even if they are good for a chuckle.

Promoted posts like these make me feel like Microsoft thinks that all consumers are idiots – and I just don’t buy into that.

What say you?  Do you like the promotion?  Do you think that it’s a good idea for them to be paying for ads on Facebook to promote it?  Do you have and prefer a Windows phone over an iPhone?  I’d love to know …

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