Amanda Knox in Italian CourtAfter 6 years covering the story of a Seattle student accused, charged, imprisoned and finally acquitted of murder charges while studying abroad in Italy, KING 5 Investigative Reporter Linda Byron is now the first local journalist to interview Amanda Knox in her home town.  The interview is the result of great reporting, years of persistence and the trust Byron earned throughout the process.

Amanda Knox: Her Life Now airs on KING 5 News this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. 

“I talked to Amanda for nearly two hours about her life in Seattle, her struggles, the case against her and the future.  I think many people will find Amanda someone different from what they believe,” said Linda Byron, KING 5 Investigative Reporter.

“It’s a case that captured the imaginations—and opinions—of people throughout Seattle, and around the world.  I was in the courtroom in Perugia when Amanda Knox was convicted and when she was exonerated and set free.  Being in Italy for so many key moments in the case afforded me a front row seat, not only to view Amanda, but also to see how justice is conducted much differently in places outside America.”

Viewers who tune-in or log-on for this exclusive interview will hear for the first time how Amanda’s life is moving forward as a student in Seattle; while halfway around the world, she is on trial again for the murder of former roommate Meredith Kercher.    Amanda shares how she deals with the dichotomy of both fear and hope in her life, and how this community’s support helped her survive her time prison.

“When I came home, I did not expect the welcome that I received.  And I feel like I want to say thank you to Seattle for that.  Because this is where I am from, this is my home; this is where I feel safe!”  Amanda Knox=

Amanda Knox: Her Life Now is an exclusive, three part series that will air on KING 5 News; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the KONG 10 p.m. and KING 11 p.m. newscasts, and available at  A special half-hour program is also in production to air on Sunday, November 3 at 10 p.m. on KING.

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