Stack ’em high! Indie developer Fat Loot Games has announced Monster Stacker, a physics-based puzzle game featuring more than a dozen unique creatures, will arrive in the App Store this December.Monster Stacker by Fat Loot

In Monster Stacker, players take on the role of the main supplier of monsters for the Big Bad Bosses of numerous dungeons. If these monsters aren’t stacked and shipped, then the dungeons of the world will be without any creepy crawlies. Each client has a unique lair with different challenges and requires its own set of specialty monsters.


  • Simple, intuitive gameplay
  • Challenging physics puzzles that will test your nerves
  • Over 50 dungeons – featuring slippery ice, falling boulders, exploding mushrooms, and other dangers
  • More than a dozen monsters, some of whom don’t get along with one another

Monster Stacker is made by Fat Loot Games, a small indie company whose founders have more than 25 years combined experience in the games industry and have worked with studios such as Bungie, Popcap, and Sony Online Entertainment.

Available on iOS and Mac this December for $2.99, Monster Stacker will also be coming to Windows PC, Android, and Linux in early 2014.

Fans of monsters, physics-based games, puzzle games, or indie gaming can support Fat Loot Games by contributing to the Monster Stacker Kickstarter, which ends November 1. Backers can score Kickstarter exclusive Blue Dragon, plush toys, original art, among numerous other rewards. You can find the Monster Stacker kickstarter at

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