2013 Road Trip Washington WineWashington State Wine, along with over 50 key national wine buyers and distributors, recently toured Washington State for the annual Road Trip Washington Wine. Road Trip Washington Wine is a program founded by the Washington State Wine Commission that invites wine buyers and distributors from around the country to Washington State during wine grape harvest to experience the diversity and quality of Washington State.

Attendees were able to gain access to winemakers, step foot in multiple vineyards throughout the state, and taste hundreds of Washington State Wines from our unique and distinctive AVA’s. Additionally, the trip allowed for one on one interaction with winemakers for all attendees, engagement in comparative tasting seminars, regional tastings, and vineyard exercises, all during the most exciting time of the year-harvest! This unique experience left attendees with a deeper-rooted knowledge of Washington State and the wines produced here. One attendee stated, “access to the wineries and vineyards, and personally experiencing the climate and geography are invaluable.” Jolin Fleshood, attendee from Star Liquors in Colorado, agrees. “The educational content was very high. I walked away with a much greater knowledge of the uniqueness of
Washington’s AVA’s.”

In addition to educational expansion, attendees walked away with a positive attitude and fired up spirit, with intentions of future promotional efforts of Washington State Wine. Attendee Scott Daniel, of Blue Charlotte in North Carolina, plans to feature Washington State Wines in an upcoming cooking class and wine dinner in early spring. “I’m looking forward to bringing in these great winemaker’s labels and educating our staff and guests.” Based on feedback from attendees,
50% of respondents have already begun Washington State Wine promotional efforts.

Road Trip Washington Wine is a distinctive educational tour, with the overarching goal
of increasing education and promotion of Washington State Wine throughout the
nation. Attendee Arthur Lampros, of WineStyles of Montclair, said, “The Road Trip was
much more than a traditional industry wine trip. It was, for me, a trip of a lifetime. I also want to applaud the selection of the participants for the trip. While the big guys were there, it was refreshing to see smaller, more independent merchants, restaurateurs, and wine professionals involved. All in all, I offer a standing ovation.”

Road Trip Washington Wine is a key event held annually by the Washington State Wine Commission, which falls in line with the unanimously approved five-year strategic plan, focusing on engagement with key members of the trade and media.

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