On Tuesday, co-founders of the Campaign to Fix the Debt Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles will launch a national advertising campaign. The television ad will underscore the need for lawmakers to end the harmful partisan posturing that continues to divert attention from passing a budget, protecting America’s full faith and credit, and dealing with the nation’s significant fiscal challenges such as our national debt.

“The American people are fed up with what’s going on in Washington,” said former Republican Senator Alan Simpson. “The national debt is a threat to jobs and our economic future yet we continue on our course of inaction.”

The ad echoes the need for our elected leaders to continue bipartisan discussions, seize this opportunity, and solve our debt problems once and for all. Lawmakers must find common ground through common sense and begin taking substantive action to improve the country’s near- and long-term fiscal outlook.

“It’s going to take real political courage for folks to begin working together to confront the long-term fiscal problems facing the country,” said former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles. “Now is the time to tell Washington it’s long past time to fix the debt.”

The national ad campaign will include television, digital, and outdoor ads and will run in select markets throughout the country, including Washington State.

The Campaign to Fix the Debt is a non-partisan movement asking lawmakers to work together on legislation large enough to stabilize and reduce the national debt as a share of the economy. Members come from a broad range of social, economic and political perspectives with the belief that America’s growing debt burden threatens our future, and that we must address it now. The Campaign will mobilize key communities – including leaders from business, government, and policy – and people all across America who want to see elected officials step up to solve our nation’s fiscal challenges.

For more information about the Campaign to Fix the Debt, please visit www.fixthedebt.org.

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