Avocado Oil from Chosen FoodsPublisher’s Note:  This post originally appeared at LuxuryFitnessFun.com.

More and more health experts are starting to extoll the benefits of cooking with avocado oil.  Avocado itself is considered a “superfood” for it’s health benefits. being a source of healthy fats, so it is only natural that the oil from the fruit would also be healthy.

Not only is avocado oil the healthiest oil to cook with, it is also being increasingly favored by gourmet chefs for two other reasons:  it does not burn when cooking at high heat – and there is not much of a taste that would mask the taste of the food being cooked (this is frequently a challenge with olive oil).

An article by Kelley Herring at Healing Gourmet says that using avocado oil can “slash inflammation, reduce cellular damage, boost antioxidant absorption by 400%, decrease body fat (even dangerous belly fat) and protect your liver – all things that any rational person could see benefit in.  If you are not using avocado oil already, you should probably start.

As in most food products, there are different qualities available.  If you value your health at all, you should want to get a good quality product.  There are some pretenders out there – in fact there are some “avocado oils” that are not really 100% avocado oil.  Fortunately, you can buy a Grade A 100% avocado oil from a company based in San Diego called Chosen Foods.  You can order avocado oil (and chia seeds) right on their website at Chosen-Foods.com – and get free shipping.  You can tell that it is high quality, because it has also been through the stringent Costco product testing and passed with flying colors.  You may also be able to find it at your local Costco warehouse, but if not – ask them when they will start to carry it.


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