Laser ShowHow long has it been since you saw a laser show?  Personally, I haven’t seen one in a very long time – I think it was a night time laser show at the Magic Kingdom.  But who doesn’t like laser light?  It is extremely fascinating and can be very captivating.

The only places I know to see ongoing Laser shows locally is at the LaserDome at Pacific Science Center in Seattle Center – the same place I saw my first mind blowing laser show many, many years ago.  The are currently playing a great variety of laser shows:  Laser Beatles, Laser Dubstep, Laser Daft Punk, a couple versions of Laser Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall), Laser Jukebox, Laser Queen, Laser Zeppelin and Laser Michael Jackson.  I’m not sure if they do it like they used to, but when I first went it was called “Laserium” and everyone in the audience laid on their backs on the floor and watched the show on the ceiling while listening to music cranked out real loud.

Nowadays you can actually buy laser lights at very affordable prices, so laser is no longer reserved for large auditoriums or super star rock bands.  Laser shows are now put on by many bands and DJs in bars, at parties, and used for product presentations, fashion shows and during corporate presentations.  If you are not interested in investing in laser equipment for the long haul, you can even rent lasers for shows small or large.

Thanks to ever changing technology and the costs of lasers coming down over the years, you now have a choice – go see a laser show – or put on one of your own!

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