Bellevue-based Hebert Research today celebrates 35 years of primary research involving both qualitative and quantitative applications of the statistical sciences for a wide range of clients.

During the last three and a half decades, the well-respected firm has produced more than 5,000 individual research projects on a host of topics. “One of the shared values that we split with our clients is to make a difference,” said President and CEO James D. Hebert. “We are honored that our anniversary happens while serving our clients with our professional reputation and insight. Without their support, guidance and long-term working relationships, we would not be such a successful business.”

Since September 1978, the firm’s goal has remained focused on the use of cogent data as a foundation of knowledge. Whether those data are for new product developments, customer satisfaction, pricing or strategic planning, our goal has been accomplished by each of our 2,000 team members that have been employed by our company. Some of these valued employees worked with the company for long terms, joined clients or even entered doctorate educational programs.

“As with most business startups, our beginnings were most certainly humble,” Hebert recollected. “With our regional, national and international success, we have never allowed our company to be seduced by achievement or arrogance. Our focus has always been to interpret the statistics for the benefit of our clients.”

As part of Hebert Research’s strategic plan to make a difference in the community, the firm co-founded Camp Korey, that serves children with serious and life-altering medical conditions, in conjunction with a senior VP at Costco and film legend and philanthropist, Paul Newman.

“I served as the vice chair and treasurer when starting Camp Korey part of the Hole in the Wall Camps. It will serve more than 1,200 children this year who have serious and life-threatening illnesses at their facility in Carnation. As the treasurer, my family and I guaranteed both the short- and long-term financing that was critical to launching such a non-profit organization,” Hebert said.

In addition, Hebert Research was among the founders for CAMPS Advanced Manufacturing. The company supported and it principals also served in leadership roles for more than 20 non-profit education services for youth and-low income students such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Hope Link.

“With everything that has happened in the past 35 years, we are excited about the  future of Hebert Research and its relationships with clients. The increasing rate of change in the business, non-profit and public sectors assures us of many challenges ahead. The opportunity to work with some of the world’s most distinguished and influential minds offers us an amazing future. We are thrilled to keep these relationships progressing,” Hebert said.

“I further thank all of our employees past and present, our wonderful clients and our incredible supporters.”

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