chefemilyEmily Moore, Chef and Culinary Director at 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living, has been honored as one of the country’s top culinary talents in the inaugural edition of Best Chefs America. This is the first-ever peer review guide of U.S. chefs, who were chosen after extensive interviews between their fellow chefs and Best Chefs America analysts. Chef Moore has been showcased in the informative and exquisitely produced 386-page coffee table book that was recently released.

“I am thrilled to be nominated by my peers and included in Best Chefs America,” states Chef Moore.  “This recognition is truly an honor and gives me yet another reason to be appreciative of my fellow professionals and chosen profession.” 

“Chefs themselves truly understand what it takes to be successful in this competitive industry, and Best Chefs America offers them a forum to express their views,” states Elizabeth Fishburne, Best Chefs America Lead Analyst. “Based on the overwhelmingly positive response from more than 5,000 participating chefs, it is clear that the chef world was ready for us.”

About Chef Emily Moore and 21 Acres
Chef Emily Moore is Culinary Director at the 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living, a comprehensive campus with a farm and green-built facility containing a school, commercial kitchen, and market located at 13701 NE 171st Street, Woodinville. Chef Moore is well known in the Northwest for her association with many of the top restaurants in the area. She headed Seattle’s Alexis Hotel as Executive Chef, creating The Painted Table and The Bookstore Bar where she made news by receiving the first four-star review given by Seattle’s venerated restaurant critic John Hinterberger in his 17 years of reviewing.

Chef Moore has held numerous leadership roles in the culinary world and has volunteered on and off over the years helping 21 Acres with special events and program development.  “As Culinary Director at 21 Acres” Chef Moore states, “I have the opportunity to pursue methods and practices of sustainability utilizing only locally sourced, organic foods, much of which is produced on our farm. We offer the public, not only delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, baked goods and cured and smoked meats, but we also provide inspiration in understanding how to really use every part of the foods, wasting as little as possible and producing unique offerings of lovely color and flavor.” In the 21 Acres kitchen, Chef Moore and her teams’ scratch methods use every part of the food, and what is thrown away is carefully divided into compost, for the worm bins or the pile, recyclables and, finally, to just a small amount of trash.  “Our packaging and even our “plastic” bags and film,” Moore adds, “is all biodegradable and/or compostable, giving new meaning to the understanding of sustainability in the kitchen.”

21 Acres is so unique in its’ green building structure, that it has become an unsurpassed educational tool in itself.  Adding to that, Chef Moore says, is the commercial kitchen with facilities for local farmers and entrepreneurs, and it’s use as a teaching facility for culinary classes of all sorts. “It becomes clear,” she says, “that just visiting our building and farm is a delightful educational experience! As more and more Americans are becoming interested in eating more locally and more sustainably, we provide a unique opportunity for guests, visitors, clients and students to become more aware of, and personally educated about, practices that lead to healthier, happier lives for ourselves and our environment.”

For more information about 21 Acres visit; facebook/21acres or call 425-481-1500. For more information about Best Chefs America visit

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