With the final steps for equity crowdfunding being completed later this year, the SEC has just allowed startups to advertise and promote their fundraising offerings. Up until now, startups were not allowed to pitch their projects publicly under the premise that the general public was too stupid to understand and protect themselves from bad investments and that only so-called sophisticated investors (those with higher net worths of $1 million and up) were informed enough to make investments in startups. In the end, this rule was more about protecting the stock brokers and venture capitalists more than actually providing protection to the little guy.

BTW – You can read about this new change on TechCrunch by clicking HERE.

Many of you know that I meet and network with a broad base of people, business and projects all over the Eastside. I’ve interviewed and written about a lot of these businesses and projects when they pique my interest. Sometimes I’ve come across a very interesting and promising project that is launching and simply needs funding. But in the past, I’ve never been able to promote their fundraising because of those advertising rules. Recently, I’ve come across one project that I’m very enthusiastic about after getting to know the team behind it and understanding their business model.

While I’m still being cautious about passing along any detailed information publicly about this project and its funding requirements, I can send you more information if you’d like to inquire about it and are qualified as an investor ($1 million net worth etc.). The company is in the technology sector and is a solid content play that is not covered anywhere online at this stage. The content they own is highly unique and proprietary so I personally believe this company will be acquisition material once the project is executed successfully. I’m sure most of you have heard the expression, ‘Content is king.’ With everyone searching for information and content online these days, those sites that have lots of original content and images have become very popular. The ones with the most original content are being gobbled up like crazy by the other much larger sites in their efforts to keep growing. This is one of those up and coming sites that will house a large collection of unique pictures, biographies and material on a very large niche.

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