In these times of rising rental rates, many businesses are doing whatever they can to cut down on the amount of office space they are using.  For many, this means that they need to find creative ways to use other, less expensive space.  Some allow certain types of workers to work remotely – from home or other office space, some sublet cheaper space from other companies, some use executive suites and many more make use of much less expensive business storage space.

Most business storage companies provide simple warehouse type storage space for their clients, but more and more quality storage companies are providing businesses with not only warehouse storage, but also providing businesses with flexible office space and services like pallet storage, archiving, document destruction, and multi-site storage.  I expect that these types of businesses will continue to evolve.

The three most important things to consider when choosing business storage space are location, size and price.

Much like any other real estate transaction, location is the key.  As they say in real estate:  location, location, location – although for many companies, it is not necessary for their business storage to be within walking distance of their higher priced office space.  While they might not need to walk to their storage, most businesses would want to be within a short convenient drive of their storage.

Deciding on how much storage space one needs can be a little tricky – but since most storage spaces are a whole lot less expensive than office space, this can be less critical and it is usually a good idea to get enough space to allow for easy access to all necessary items and documents, as well as any anticipated expansion needs.

As far as price, market rates are usually more fair, generally with less flexibility – although it is easy to get terms on a long term or month to month basis.

What does your business do when it needs extra storage space?



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