Are you looking for an ultra cool space to hold your next event?  You might want to try reaching out to Eastside Entrepreneurs.

When I hold networking events, I always like to find the new, cool and edgy types of venues – where attendees will feel comfortable, but also like they have discovered something new and fantastic.  Many times you can find a space through someone you know or word of mouth, but those spaces are usually also used by many other people who you know cater to the same types of crowds.

If you are looking for a new way to find a venue, there is not better choice than to check out Eastside Entrepreneurs.  They really provide a very special service, with the best venues in the best locations globe wide.  You know that you can count on them to have the best spaces available at competitive rates, whether you are wanting to book for a super small party or a conference for thousands of attendees.

Blue&green is a great way to search for and book your next conference, seminar, party or any type of event all over the world.  They even have an app for iPhones and iPads and are diligently working on one for our Android mobile devices too!

They offer a free database of over 15,000 venues in the UK and around the globe, including cities like Amsterdam, London, Paris, Beijing, Berlin, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Dublin, Cardiff, New York and many, many more.  They also have great US venues like the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, and the Warwick hotels in New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

Try it today!


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