Since the passage of I-502 last year in Washington State a number of start up businesses are trying their luck in this new industry.

But for some its not all about the profit. One of these is CBD Health Innovations, a new Bio-Tech testing and research laboratory in Washington State. Co. Founder and CEO of CBD Health Innovations Robi Hawley says, “We have a deep and personal commitment to making recreational and medical marijuana safer. We know a lot of people who are patients, some with compromised immune systems. These patients would rather buy tested material than non tested even if its not technically “medical”(Currently the law requires testing of only recreational marijuana. Testing for medical marijuana is voluntary.) If patients are going to use it then it needs to be tested to insure their safety. If its going to be legal it needs to be safe.”CBD Health Innovations is also researching a Non-cannabis based alternative to medical marijuana. Their staff physician said “We believe in the ability of medical marijuana to help treat conditions but what about people who can’t take it? Even if medical marijuana becomes completely legal at the Federal level there will still be patients unable to benefit from it due the nature of their employment, being under age, their religion or just not wanting to feel “high”.This alternative would allow Airline pilots, doctors, firefighters, law enforcement officers operators of heavy machinery or just office workers to have a safe reliable medication they could take to treat their conditions that would not make them feel dizzy or woozy, be completely legal and not cost them their job if they have to take a urine test. The negative social stigma attached to this is another one of the things we are trying to overcome with our ongoing testing and research. People shouldn’t have to worry about taking safe, legitimate medicine prescribed by their doctor. We’re trying to create something a soldier could take for PTSD without getting kicked out. Something a child could safely take to offset the side effects of chemo without their parents going to jail.”

“Our goal at CBD Health innovations is to make medical marijuana safer and to create an alternative (a THC free nutraceutical health supplement) for those who can’t take medical marijuana. A safe alternative with all the benefits of medical marijuana but without the “high”, without the negative stigma and the without the legal issues.”

They are currently fundraising to buy lab equipment.

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