WompMobile, a startup whose technology optimizes desktop websites for small mobile screens, today launched a campaign dedicated to helping businesses better understand mobile trends and the impact of device addiction on consumer behaviors. Called Mobile Warming, the campaign website offers tips, information and interactive tools to help business owners assess how prepared they are for customers accessing the Internet via mobile devices and smartphones. To check out Mobile Warming, please visit http://www.mobilewarming.net
“It’s no secret that people are fixated with everything digital. But most businesses don’t realize the tremendous impact mobile devices are having on how consumers behave, get their information and interact,” said Madison Miner, CEO of WompMobile. “We launched Mobile Warming to spark a discussion and provide a resource to examine the hot topic of mobile device addiction.”
The facts supporting Mobile Warming – society’s growing addiction and fixation to mobile devices – are compelling. For example, by 2016, almost 20 percent of all retail sales will come from a smartphone. And Google even estimates that more Android devices are activated daily than babies are born.
“Only a fraction of businesses offer websites that are optimized for small screens,” said Miner. “And without a mobile-optimized website – which is easy to read and navigate with your fingertips – businesses are turning away customers. The good news, however, is going mobile is easy. Today, there are a variety of options to create an effective mobile website that converts mobile searches into new customers.”
Smartphones and mobile search are projected to overtake the desktop computer as the primary way to access the Internet.
“We hope our creative and humorous approach delivers the simple message that going mobile is smart business,” added Miner. “With mobile browsing speeds getting faster, smartphones are the new digital storefront. More than ever, we rely on mobile devices to view websites, find local retailers, get information and make purchases.”
The Mobile Warming website offers the following tools, resources and fun options:
  • A fact-based video – a parody of global warming – that stresses the urgency of mobile-device addiction; the video can be seen on Youtube at http://youtu.be/XR6owLcxVbc
  • A simple tool to review if a desktop website is optimized for small mobile screens
  • A breakdown of options and services that create mobile websites
  • Shareable infographics
  • The opportunity to upload and share memes
  • An option to ‘be a mobile hero’ and save a business that is not mobile-web optimized
  • The latest news and tips about trends in mobile

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