House of MatriarchEastside perfume company, House of Matriarch, has announced the release of the Super Natural Collection: a limited-edition rainbow of thirteen all natural perfume extracts.   Created  under the strictest standards in the fragrance industry regarding naturalness, these hand blended fragrances are free of synthetics, aroma chemicals, isolates, artificial colors and additives.  Matriarch was recently named by Men’s Journal Magazine as the creator of a Top Men’s Scent for 2013, and was chosen for Sunset Magazines Best of the West awards, so these beautiful sets are expected to sell quickly.  

In keeping with their “green business” and “buy-local” philosophies, 75% of the raw materials in the perfumes are from Washington grown materials.  The outer packaging has also been mindfully sourced from 100% Washington produced, recycled materials.  A portion of sales will be donated to bee conservation programs throughout the Northwest.

Selected retailers will be stocking the set for the holiday gift season, however as a token of  appreciation for the bloggers and online fragrance fans around the world that have contributed to Matriarch’s rise in popularity, the first 1000 sets will be available exclusively on their website, and will be autographed and numbered by the perfumer herself, Christi Meshell.  Coffrets of miniature  perfumes are highly esteemed by collectors, especially autographed, debut sets which mark an important  milestone in the history and evolution of a niche fragrance house.

The sets will be sold in numbered order beginning Friday, June 21th, 2013 at 9am PST at


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