You are cordially invited to accompany the ACCPNW to the 2013 African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) trade mission in East Africa!  As a participant, you will evaluate and explore business opportunities and market criteria that exist in three East African counties: Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Purpose of Mission

The 12th annual AGOA conference will offer your company the ideal opportunity to assess its prospects in East Africa and meet and network with relevant business contacts and government officials. As a part of the delegation, you will have inside access to market information, government policies, and business networking opportunities and be in a position to enter and excel in the rapidly growing East African markets.  More specific objectives include:

  • To promote Washington state businesses by encouraging investment in growing African markets;
  • To enable business delegates to meet specific business objectives by exploring new investment and partnership opportunities that exist through privatizations of African state-owned enterprises or in partnership with African companies;
  • To forge stronger commercial ties between Africa and the Pacific Northwest, helping to integrate Africa into the global economy.

Mission Activities:


  • Business networking meetings to assess company prospects in each capital city;                              
  • One-on-one meetings with government & business representatives;
  • AGOA conference in Addis Ababa to explore and encourage trade and investment opportunities.
  • Safari expedition in Kenya to feature some of Africa’s most treasured biodiversity and wildlife

Companies seeking to expand their production are advised to accompany the ACCPNW to East Africa.  Ideal businesses are those in Washington State which focus production in one of the following key sectors: 

Energy, Information &Communication Technologies, Construction & Infrastructure,  Agriculture & Chemicals, & Health Technologies

These areas of needed investment have been determined by our organization and our many associates in Africa.  Sustainable growth of the East African region will require proper focus on these key sectors, and we believe you have the resources to fill one of these needs and become an integral part of a rapidly expanding regional economy.

Why Africa?

The landscape of African politics and society has been improving dramatically in the past decade; political stability in the region and a rapidly expanding young workforce has made the prospects of economic development through trade and investment a reality.  Africa currently stands as the world’s largest emerging market; it is at a pinnacle moment, with the availability of investment and trade partnerships continuing to expand as Africa becomes fully integrated into the global economy.  This trade mission will allow your business the rare opportunity to become one of those initial investors who will shape economic growth and prosperity for generations, with primary focus on the following three countries:



Kenya, home to just over 43 million citizens, has the most developed economy in East Africa and with a nominal 2011 gross domestic product (GDP) of USD $34.796 billion, it is also the economic, commercial, and logistical leader of the region.  The trade mission will focus on the capital of Nairobi, the undisputed transportation hub of East and Central Africa.



Uganda is a land of natural resources, notably fertile soils with sufficient rainfall, mineral deposits, and crude oil and natural gas reserves.   The service sector of the Ugandan economy is growing rapidly in size and is quickly becoming the largest industry in the nation, followed by agribusiness.  Development of infrastructure remains a major obstacle and is crucial to continued growth.



Ethiopia is strategically located at a crossroad between Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, home to 84 million people.  Its GDP growth for the past five years has been averaging 11% annually.  The current government has made enormous efforts through legislation to liberalize its economy and pave the way for foreign direct investment in its growing market oriented economy.

Please find below the tentative schedule for the AGOA Conference Trade Mission:

June 20th:  Depart Seattle —> Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya

June 21st, 22nd:  Business Meetings in Nairobi

June 23rd:  Depart Nairobi; drive to Kampala, Uganda

June 24th, 25th:  Business Meetings in Kampala

June 26th:  Depart Kampala —> Arrive in Addis Abba, Ethiopia

June 27th, 28th:  AGOA Forum in Addis Abba

Estimated Costs are TBD but will include:

  • International and Domestic Airfare in Economy Class
  • Hotel (breakfast included) and Ground Transportation
  • Receptions, business- to- business meetings
  • Guided Safari expedition while in Kenya

Don’t miss this important opportunity to explore the multitude of business possibilities that exist in East Africa with a delegation of regional business, NGO, and civic leaders.  Register now and join us for this rare and valuable opportunity!


Peter Gishuru

President/CEO of ACCPNW

*Please return registration applications by the end of April 2013.  If you have any further questions, please contact the ACCPNW at  (206) 256-6139 or by email at:

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