Ken Grant at Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery March 13 – April 7

Ken Grant Figuratively Speaking“Throughout the many years I have been showing my work I have received numerous compliments and comments that have convinced me that I have accomplished with my work what I intended. At one of my openings a woman told me that she loved the way I took ordinary objects and made them into something grand.

A collector of my work remarked that my paintings “massaged her soul” each painting in a different way. Another refered to the musical quality of my work, which is understandable given the importance of music in my life. I see a link between my love for romantic music and what appears on my canvasses.

Royal Nebeker, head of the art department at Clatsop Community College invited me to present a one man show. One of the students seeing my work describe me as a realist. Mr. Nebeker disagreed pointing out that since I don’t paint strict realism, but look at the world in a romantic way, giving me the label, “romantic impressionist”. I feel the label fits.

What I ultimately hope to accomplish with my work is to draw the viewer into the painting, to feel the light and space and evoke a distant memory. I would like my paintings to trigger a pleasant emotional response, much like the way the scent of a daphne blossom can take you back to a particular warm spring afternoon on the porch of your parent’s house when you were young. When you view my paintings I want you to actually feel the warmth of the sunlight as it streams through the window, pouring into the room and caressing the objects there in.

You often see the sea in my paintings. I have strong feelings for the sea having lived on the ocean in Cannon Beach Oregon for many years of my life. One is drawn outward by the infinite expanse to the horizon, the ocean breeze, the sound of the gulls in the distance. Open the doors and windows of the old beach house on the first day of the season, letting in the sun bringing the house to life.

If my paintings affect you sensually as well as visually I feel they will become as an old friend, recalling fond memories. What makes a painting great is between the viewer and the painting. If it moves you and makes you want to take it into your life it is a great painting.” – Ken Grant

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