Senior Services LogoSenior Services’ Volunteer Transportation provides vital rides for Bellevue seniors.  Using their own vehicles, volunteer drivers help older adults maintain their independence by taking them to/from necessary medical appointments.  Clients appreciate their improved access to medical care, meaningful interactions with caring volunteers, and increased peace of mind.  Betty L., a regular client of the program, explains, “Volunteer Transportation takes away all the stress I used to have with finding transportation!”

Volunteers find the program to be equally valuable.  Mary Anne M., a long-term driver, writes, “I so enjoy driving for Senior Services’ Volunteer Transportation and have met so many kind and interesting people. They are as good for me as I am for them.”  It is this reciprocal element of our volunteer work—the act of both giving and receiving—that makes the program so worthwhile to the program’s many committed volunteers.  It is clear that rides change lives for both drivers and passengers.

Sadly, the program does not have enough drivers to meet the demand for transportation from older residents of the Bellevue community.  Anyone who has the “drive” to help others is strongly encouraged to volunteer! For more information, call (206) 748-7588, email Hilary at, read our blog at, or visit

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