The Resource Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The Resource Group is a provider of Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly, Great Plains), helping clients utilize their software solution to gain business insight and manage their organization more efficiently and effectively.

To celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, The Resource Group plans to hold a special customer event later this year.

The Resource Group was founded in 1988 by Marty and Denise Schillaci who had a vision to start their own company to assist businesses in moving from physical ledger and spreadsheet accounting to fully-automated, financial software solutions. The business thrived immediately due to the demand and shortly thereafter, a partnership was formed with Great Plains Software (now owned by Microsoft).

“When we started in 1988, only large corporations benefited from computer technology. Having degrees in Electrical Engineering, we saw an opportunity to help small- and medium-sized businesses become productive using the computers and software they purchased,” said Marty Schillaci, CEO of The Resource Group. “We’ve certainly come a long way with our business, helping clients improve processes and gain valuable insight into their businesses by implementing integrated solutions. The technology has continued to change, but not our mission of helping our clients become more effective and successful in their professional lives.”

Over the past 25 years, The Resource Group has grown from a two-person team working out of a home office to a multi-department company employing more than 25 employees.

“The breadth and depth we now offer with our talented employees allows us to deliver more complex and complete solutions to our clients,” said Denise Schillaci, President of The Resource Group. “Our employees combine their technical skills, experience, and their passion to deliver rock-solid solutions to 200 clients on Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Resource Group employees have been crucial to our ongoing success.”

About The Resource Group
The Resource Group is a seasoned team of business professionals that help companies gain valuable business insight from their financial systems, enabling customers to manage their business more efficiently and effectively.  We are a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) accounting and business management software solutions. For over two decades, The Resource Group has helped hundreds of organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska streamline operations, optimize finances, and improve reporting by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP software.

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