Have you looked at your cable bill recently?  It seems like almost every month I look at my Comcast bill it is higher – sometimes much higher.  According to an insert in our latest Comcast bill, as of February 1st, 2013 (or your next billing cycle) the rates for their ‘XF Triple Play’ bundles will all go up another $5 a month.

Our current prices are already like those of a monopoly who has you bent over a barrel:  In addition to getting billed $116.44 for a “Comcast Digital Starter’ package, we get charged $3.99 for a ‘service support plan’ (they still have not replaced our antique modem despite repeated requests over the last two years), $35 for ‘Digital Additional’ (whatever the heck that is) and now have increased the charge on our 4 additional cable boxes (which are also very, very old and have not been replaced in years) to $8.75 EACH.  Not to mention the $7 a month that they are still charging us for our antiquated modem that frequently does not work.  This is way too expensive for the services delivered (especially considering increasing prices for old equipment)!

If I was the only one in my house who used this stuff, I would definitely cancel Comcast immediately.  Their services are rapidly becoming a luxury that many cannot afford.  I very much look forward to seeing more options in the internet space and seeing cable tv as we know it going away!

What say YOU?


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