A recent Seattle Times Editorial by their staff editorialist, Lynne Varner, takes pot shots at our fine City – and then cuts off comments after seeing exactly how wrong they were to post it.

Varner’s ‘editorial’ entitled”This is not the way Bellevue wants to compete with Seattle” is thoughtlessly ridiculous and makes her and the Times both look foolish.  It seems very likely that Ms. Varner has probably never even crossed either bridge to venture to the best side of the lake.

Regardless, after her comment “Personally, if I have to worry about landing in the middle of gun crossfire while I head to my favorite stores, I’ll stay home and shop online.” she is encouraged to stay in her box, far, far away from our great City.  We don’t need small minded people here.

It’s hard to believe that the Seattle Times would allow their own editorialist to spout crap like that – apparently referring to an after midnight incident in which the suspect was a convicted murdered in Seattle and set free to do it again – by Seattle.  Not sure what her favorite stores are, but if she is going there after midnight, she probably has other issues too.

Once again, the Times cut off comments, probably because too many people were calling BS on their own website.  As always you are free to leave your own comments on this news site and they will NOT be cut off.


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