Duvall Centenial KickoffThe City of Duvall turns 100!  The public is invited to the City of Duvall Centennial Kick-Off Celebration – January 6th, 2013 from 1:00 – 4:00pm. Highlights include City and State Representative keynote addresses, live music by the River Winds Band, community booths, interactive children’s games, theatrical skits of Duvall’s colorful past played by Cascade Community Theatre actors in period costume, refreshments, birthday cake, giveaways and more! Please RSVP to duvall100@duvallwa.gov.

Film Documentary Trailer Premiere

“Spirit of Duvall – The First 100 Years”produced by A2 Media Productions, is being created as a “heritage-based documentary highlighting events, personalities and milestones in the life of Duvall and the lower Snoqualmie Valley” says film producer Rich Andrews. The trailer will premiere during the January 6th Kick-Off Celebration. Full feature debut summer of 2013. www.Duvall100Film.com

Duvall 100 yearsKeynote Speakers

Legislative addresses will include Mayor Will Ibershof, Senator Andy Hill, Representative Roger Goodman, Representative Larry Springer, and King County Council Member Kathy Lambert.

Free / Family Friendly / Open to the Public

Learn more about the Centennial Kick-Off Celebration http://duvall100.duvallwa.gov

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About the City of Duvall

The City of Duvall (pronounced DOO-vahl) sits alongside the historic Snoqualmie Valley River nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains approximately 25 miles northeast of Seattle.  Over 6,900 people live in Duvall, recognized as one of the fastest growing communities in the state. The City was named after James Duvall, a logger, who homesteaded in 1871. This small, yet diverse city is rich in history and tradition with residents representing many walks of life and cross sections of occupations and cultures. Watch this Duvall Profile Video, produced by King County!

Statement from Mayor Will Ibershof:

“Duvall has grown over the last 100 years, yet it has maintained its small town feel and charm. Once a small logging community in the early 1900’s then ebbing into a Seattle suburb playground for artists and hippies in the 1960 & 70’s, Duvall is now a diverse community supporting talented artists and families many who work for fortune 500 companies.

What makes Duvall unique is the connection we all have as a community. One of my favorite examples is from 2006 when a large storm ravaged our region and we lost power for a week. Duvall came together as a community and with the help of a local church and the National Guard, we powered a shelter that became a place for people to gather and stay warm, share meals, and share their experiences through a tough situation. PSE still talks about how impressed they were with our community. Residents baked cookies, meals or dropped off hot coffee and a heartfelt thank you to the many hardworking repair crews from WA State and beyond.

The Centennial Kick-Off Celebration on January 6th is an opportunity to celebrate a wonderful city, honor its past and embrace the future. It’s a chance to reconnect with history and visit with old and new friends. Please join us as we look forward to fun party and amazing Centennial year ahead.”

The area that has become known as Duvall was historically the home of the Snoqualmie Native American tribe. On January 6, 1913 Duvall was incorporated as a city by its rugged pioneer citizens. The center of the present-day town was located on a hillside homesteaded by Francis and James Duvall, loggers who arrived in 1871. At that time, logging and farming were the driving economic forces in Duvall which utilized the Snoqualmie River and railroad for transportation. Duvall’s Historic corridor has helped to define an artistic movement that has been evolving since the 1970’s. Since the late 20th century, the City’s pastoral appeal has been drawing residents who commute to jobs in aeronautics and technology in nearby communities. To celebrate our heritage and share our history as well as look forward to the future of our small town community, we hope all area communities will join us on January 6th and help us ring in our Centennial Year.


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