The phone was a piece of crap and Solavei was a scam.  Bring in all the customers up front and they keep the money while continually cutting compensation.  Total BS.

For a very limited time while supplies last, Solavei is giving FREE ZTE Orgin phones (originally $125) and a first month of service FREE with a new membership and activation at or (link removed because Solavei is run by liars and currently in bankruptcy – mom was right – again). Don’t delay – sign up today!Free phone


BTW – if you are still wearing a pair of golden handcuffs (you’re still under contract with another cell company that feels like it needs to trap you) and want to terminate your contract with no fees so you can join the Presidential Team at Solavei, with NO CONTRACTS and the ability to earn for sharing, send an email to BreakingContracts(at)

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