Eastside Women in Business (EWIB) held their 4th Annual Wibbey Awards on 12/5/12 at Bellevue’s “Let’s Do Lunch”.  What are the Wibbey awards?  According to EWIB’s founder Christi Meshell,  “The Wibbey Awarda are our opportunity to recognize amazing women that live and work right here on the Eastside, plus it’s a chance to have fun and reflect on our successes of the past year. Lives are being impacted positively as a result of our collaborations, and this is a memorable way of acknowledging that success, and creating a legacy.” Going strong since being established in 2008, Eastside Women in Business is a professional organization designed to foster genuine relationships and a spirit of collaboration between its members.

Each year, EWIB bestows five distinguished awards including Woman Business Owner of the Year, and the coveted “Queen of Hearts Award,” honoring women who have made notable contributions to professional women of the Eastside.

Here are the 2012 Nominees and Award Recipients:

Emerging Business of 2012

The recipient of this award opened her business within the past year. Her business has already surpassed initial projections and has made a notable splash in our Eastside community.



Nicolette Bouw:  NIBIO

Rupa Gadre: Savrika Tea

Julia Moore: Moore Total Wellness Strategies

Elizabeth Tackett: Elizabeth’s Shoppe


WINNER: Rupa Gadre: Savrika Tea



Most Influential Member

They say 90% of success is just showing up, yet being influential is about more than showing up. Influence is an ongoing act of generosity, a responsibility – not a popularity contest. The recipient of this award has been an active participant in EWIB, taking full advantage of every opportunity that is offered. She has made a significant impact in our organization through her contagious enthusiasm and consistent involvement.



Elizabeth Tackett: Elizabeth’s Shoppe

Leanne Planci:  AXA Advisors

Lauren Archer: Transormation Trainer

Julia Moore: Moore Total Wellness Strategies


WINNER:  Lauren Archer: Hypnotherapist &Transormation Trainer





The “O” Award

Necessity is often the mother of invention.  Sometimes, getting creative can lead you to places that you never expected to go. The recipient of this award had the vision to identify an opportunity, and the gutsy determination to seize the concept and bring it to market.



Nicolette Bouw:  NIBIO

Margie Murphy:  Mary Kay Cosmetics

Elizabeth Tackett: Elizabeth’s Shop

Julia Moore: Moore Total Wellness Strategies


WINNER: Nicolette Bouw:  NIBIO



Woman Business Owner of the Year

The recipient of this award consistently demonstrates that unique combination of hard work, flexibility, innovation, and the highest standards of professionalism, while maintaining equilibrium in the other areas of her life. Her personal passion sustains the longevity of her business, setting a clear example that the dream of business ownership is well worth the effort.



Katya Difani: Herban Wellness

Renee Iverson: Mountain Sun massage & Skin Care

Ilana Yagudayev: American Family Insurance,

Kathleen Yow Wells: Eastside Wellness Center


WINNER: Katya Difani: Herban Wellness



The Queen of Hearts

The honor of a lifetime, the Queen of Hearts trophy will be given to a woman of notable contribution and uncompromising commitment to women of the Eastside and beyond. She demonstrates the noble qualities of the heart – courageousness, compassion, openness, and generosity. Her cup runneth over- she is the ultimate mentor.



Tama Boriello, Wells Fargo Advisors

Lisa Dupar: Pomegranate Bistro/Lisa Dupar Catering

Julia Moore: Moore Total Wellness Strategies

Deenie Robertson: Take Shape for Life/ Activate Health Coaching

Nikki Rausch: NLP Pacific


Co-Winners:  Tama Boriello: Wells Fargo Advisors and Deenie Robertson: Take Shape for Life/ Activate Health Coaching

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