Business / technology writer extraordinaire, John Cook, posted an article at Geekwire this morning entitled “Solavei tops 65,000 subscribers in first 6 weeks, pays out $1 million“.  Pretty good article, but calls the business model and the company “controversial” and states his personal opinion that “The message has the feel of a late-night infomercial.”

It would be real nice if those who were writing about Solavei would actually talk to some of the members.  I’m proud to say that I am one of many original Founding Members of Solavei – and that I am also one of the thousands of members who have received some of the $1 million dollars already paid out in commissions.

Although Solavei does bill itself as a “social commerce company” and does not like to be called names – it’s social sharing aspect and multi-tier compensation plan have some people calling it network marketing or even a “pyramid scheme”.  Call it whatever you want, but Bellevue-based Solavei is positively changing thousands of people’s lives – mine included.  Update:  They screwed all their reps and are in bankruptcy.  I quit a long time ago after they wanted me to start paying them for my phone service – all while they should have been paying me several hundred dollars a month …

My hope is that you will patiently take a look at, see what we have to offer and how it can help you and your family.  If you want to simply save money on your cell service each month – that’s great – and we can help.  If you would like to make extra money every month from an extra hundred to several thousand – that’s even better – and we can help.

If you would rather deal with your same old cell phone company that has been holding you to a contract and ripping you off for so long, that’s ok too – but WE CANNOT HELP YOU …

Solavei sucks – they lied to us.

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