To increase profits, you need to do one of two things – you either have to reduce costs or increase revenue. The former of those two options is preferably in many circumstances, mainly because it can be easier and more sustainable. One way to reduce your monthly business costs is to reduce your energy consumption.

Although you may have to make some initial upfront investments, the long term effects of making your business greener can significantly benefit your bottom line as well as negate your business’s impact on natural resources. And that’s true for any business, whether it operates in Washington or has offices in Texas that rely on

Here are 4 tips for making your business greener:

1) Reduce paper consumption

One of the easiest ways to save money – and immediately reduce your expenditure on office supplies – is to monitor your paper usage. This requires you to educate your employees about the importance of printing only those emails and documents that are absolutely necessary in hard form. Reducing office paper consumption not only saves the paper itself – it also reduces energy consumption and costs associated with printer maintenance and cartridge refills.

2) Upgrade bathroom fixtures

Is your business’s water bill high? That may stem from using out-of-date bathroom fixtures. Although upgrading your office bathroom(s) with energy efficient toilets and sinks may present a significant up-front cost, the reduction in water consumption should enable you to realize the benefits of your investment in only a few short years – if not sooner.

3) Use energy saving settings your office PCs

If you’re not already shutting your computers down before you leave the office each evening, or at least making use of the sleep and hibernate features, it’s time to start doing so. Leaving an idle computer running for even a short time saps a significant amount of energy. That effect is multiplied the more computers you have.

4) Use blinds to your advantage

Don’t force your climate control unit to work harder than it has to. During the hot summer months when the sun is beaming down on your building, close your blinds to avoid a rise in room temperature. During the winter months, leave the blinds open to achieve the opposite effect.

These 4 simple tips can help you save significantly. Start planning now, and reap the benefits in the future.

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