These days we hear A LOT about “The Cloud” and online security – but ask most people (including many C-level executives) where their company’s servers are and you will get a blank look.  Don’t expect any answer at all if you happen to ask how the servers are backed up …

Regardless of where your company’s data servers reside physically or how they are backed up, sometimes in the world of technology, problems arise.  Parts (especially hard drives) fail and need to be replaced.  When a drive fails it can be a pain in the butt, if your server and your system is properly backed up and depending on how it is backed up, it’s probably not a major deal and server data recovery can be accomplished fairly quickly and easily.

The real challenges come if and when there is multiple drive failure.  Usually drives do not fail simultaneously, but in certain circumstances (ie flood, fire, or even theft) if multiple drives fail – or become unavailable, it would be very advantageous to have your server data backed up off-site.

Now off site can be at a location separate from your server – or any number of options in “The Cloud”.  Since Cloud Computing started becoming popular, there are more and more companies jumping into provide “cloud services.”  Frankly, many of them have no business being in business of any type, let alone a business that can make or break an entire business.  It’s important to choose an experienced and reputable company when it comes to your company’s data.

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