Does your company rely on international business for it’s bottom line?  Or maybe your company is looking to expand sales to markets overseas to make up for slowed sales in a prolonged down economy?

One key factor to look at when in international business is your organization’s financing and financial relationships with any number of key partners.  Some really excellent international trade financing companies are able to provide financial services that could be crucial to your organization’s success, including:  supplier finance, pre-shipment finance, post shipment finance, import finance and many more valuable services.

Many times when looking at breaking into business overseas, a company gets tempted by the business of one big customer.  Despite some fears, this can be a good thing – at least a good way to get started, as long as you have the ability to fill big orders.  If you accept the orders, but cannot fulfill them, it could lead to career ending credibility issues.  In many cases, there are international trade finance companies in the marketplace that will provide the money for your company to produce your widgets – as long as you have signed contracts for delivery.

There are even some really cool programs that will pay your suppliers in advance so they can restock in time for your next order.  Or choose more traditional financing – a short term option to allow you funds and time to produce your next order.

No matter what international market (or markets) that you are working in – or considering expanding to … it is very important to know the lay of the land and have a local partner who can help level the playing field against your competition.  The best international financing companies have a presence or at least a trusted partner in all the major markets around the world, including Europe, Russia, Africa, the Indian Sub-Continent, the Middle East, South America  and the Far East and Pacific Rim – including China and Japan.  You will want to consult with a company with expertise in your desired market or markets, with real world experience to put in your corner.

Breaking into new international markets is not for the meek, but can be very rewarding.  You are encouraged to pursue business expansion into foreign markets, after fully educating yourself and choosing the best partners possible.

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