For the second year, the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers is hosting a Grower Caucus to be held Thursday, November 15 at the Pasco Red Lion

Washington grape growers and wineries believe better information about the marketplace can help their bottom-line.   Insight on supply and demand helps both navigate through challenging economics and will help them succeed in business.  The Grower Caucus is a forum designed to focus on financial sustainability and includes presentations about the wine environment: who’s buying , what they’re buying, who’s selling, plus where the growth opportunities are, what it will take for a vineyard or winery to survive, and what information is needed to make good decisions.

The Grower Caucus is designed for all size wineries and growers but particularly those that do not have access to market information shared at large winery meetings.

This year’s topics include a review of the 2012 Washington crop and global look at the bulk market plus a review of wine sales to date.  Additional topics include discussion of return on investment and determining if a grower or winery is making money and how to determining margins.  There will be a focus on knowing when strong demand is bad.

The afternoon includes an historic look at grape prices, ag stats average pricing, grape supplies and cost of production with an additional look at why it matters where growers sell grapes and an analysis of business models (Bulk market, small vs. large wineries, high end vs. lower tier market and a look at alternatives).

Registration includes lunch and is $75 per person through October 31 and $90 per person after October 31.  To register, click on the “Grower Caucus” button on the home page of the WAWGG website:

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