Many non-profits are faced with some tough decisions including cutting back on services, staff, programs and more.  Some have even been forced to shut down completely and others are seeing benefits of partnering with other related groups and either consolidating expenses or combining resources so that they can stay afloat.  There have also been a growing number of non-profit mergers – which can be a great way to go considering the alternative ….

Other non-profits, churches and service groups have adapted by having a larger number of smaller fundraising events, attempting to tap their wealthiest supports more times during the years.  Still others have been looking for new ways to raise money – including events, pledge drives, fund drives and more.

I’ve also noticed a growing number of businesses using “fundraising opportunities” to attract non-profits to help them increase their sales, but in reality have not heard about many success stories with this.  If you have them, please pass them on.

What is your non-profit’s policy on fundraising management?  Are you trying to cut costs, producing more fundraising events or reaching out to new potential donors – are all of the above.

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