Anyone know what a WATS line is?  Basically it is the way that phone lines communicate or synch up to provide toll free phone service, such as 0800 numbers, 866 numbers, 877 numbers and more.

S0me business used to (maybe they still do?) toll free numbers for fax lines so it would not cost people money to send them faxes.  That’s pretty darn considerate – but who sends faxes any more any way?  Isn’t everything done online or electronically these days?

Using current technology can certainly make things faster, easier and help save valuable time, paper and resources.  But not everyone has been quick to adapt, with many people being afraid of “Big Brother” or the millions of “online predators” out there.  And as long as there are humans operating the technology (or maybe even programming it ..?), there will be errors and problems.

In short, there are many ways to communicate – many prefer using email or texting, many want to communicate on the phone or through a seemingly endless chain of voicemails, a lot of people prefer to communicate in person (I’m kind of partial to this one), but others may want to communicate through smoke signals or cryptic ads in the newspaper classifieds …

How do YOU like to communicate?  But even more importantly – how do your customers need to be communicated with???  If you can answer that question, you are way ahead of the game.

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