Publisher’s Note:  Bellevue Business Journal’ Publisher Joe Kennedy was part of the pre-public beta and can be found at Connect.Me/JoeKennedy.  Today Connect.Me announced it is launching its public beta which will enable people consolidate their identity, social presence, and peer reputation into a social business card. “Your social business card shows who you know and what you are trusted for,” offered Connect.Me CEO Joe Johnston. “It makes you discoverable for your interests and expertise and is the first step in building a new layer of trust for the social web.”

Connect.Me is the world’s first P2P reputation and discovery network that works across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.  As people build their reputation, they can use it to curate the social web by vouching for the people, content and businesses they trust.

The company is also bringing a new business model to the social web, one that empowers people and is also better for businesses. “The current business model of most online services is to track users and essentially sell that data to advertisers,” added co-founder Marc Coluccio. “Our model will provide people a way to get the full value of their reputation and intention by allowing them to directly share it with businesses in a new trusted way.” This new model, in development since 2005, was created by a group of 11 well-known architectsin Internet identity, privacy, trust, and relationship management.

About Connect.Me

Connect.Me was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, CA as a reputation and discovery network. Connect.Me is the first component of the Respect Network, the world’s first trusted personal data network. It will enable customers and companies to connect directly and share information in either direction with strong privacy, security, and trust. The company won the privacy award at the European Identity Conference in 2011.

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